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We provide simple, easy to understand solutions in a highly complex industry

What we do ..

  1. ..and expertise in all aspects of insurance, investments, retirement plans, employee benefits, insurance taxation / law, underwriting and actuarial studies.
    Decades of Significant Industry Experience
  2. ..by seeking input from employees on their needs. Recommend products only after your employees understand their core benefits and coverage’s that your group plan isn’t intended to cover.
    Enhance Your Benefits Offering
  3. ..by carefully considering all of the issues that can add value for your employees while being good stewards of our organization’s resources. In fact, we’re known for earning a seat at the table as partners in your strategic planning process.
    Think like a business owner
  4. ..by developing models to help you measure the expected cost differences associated with variations in different plan designs. Present a range of possible outcomes, best case, worst case, and most likely results for each alternative plan design and contribution model. Evaluation of projected liabilities.
    Measure expected cost differences